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Find the right mentor in your rohe for you

My Māori Mentor is designed to provide us with the information we need to match you up the right person to help with your current needs and opportunities.
Nau mai!

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My Māori Mentor

My Māori Mentor has drawn on the experiences of the four Māori business networks in Te Ūpoko o te Ika and their rōpū of established Māori business owners who are leaders in a range of industries to provide the support you need.


These kaitautoko provide objectivity and will act as sounding boards, listening to your ideas and helping you to flesh them out more as well as challenging some of your assumptions. Your kaitautoko will provide advice and guidance as well as providing introductions and referrals to others to help you realise your business goals.


This initiative is founded on the tuakana-teina relationship where experienced business operators want to manaaki those on their journey. The shape of your mentoring journey is up to you and your kaitautoko. It may be as simple as a chat over coffee, or may lead to business planning, marketing, financial support as required.


You and your kaitautoko will agree to whether there are any costs involved up front; for some, it will be the price of a coffee, for others we may be able to access funding for more intensive support. It will depend on what your needs are.

Maori business owner completing a registration form to get support from a Maori mentor.

Step 1
Start registration

Our questionnaire will take you through a series of questions that will help us get to know you and what you need in a mentor.

Maori Mentor application being reviewed.

Step 2

We'll review your registration and match you up with a local mentor best suited to your needs.

Clipart showing the collaboration phase of connecting a maori business with a maori mentor.

Step 3

Once you've completed the step by step registration process we will match you up with the best mentor for you

Our mentors  gift their time and knowledge.

Our mentors are diverse and come from a range of industries. They know what it is like to make a business prosper in Aotearoa, and have struggled in business, so they ‘know the ropes’ so to speak.

Many of our mentors have and continue to have mentors themselves, helping them avoid pitfalls, and gaining invaluable knowledge to help progress them to get their goals.


“We are a kaupapa Māori business who appreciated talking with someone who understood what it is to be a Māori business and develop a plan for the business that was inclusive of our kaupapa.
Become a mentor

Become a Mentor

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